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How CHI Started


About CHI

CHI Essence was founded with the simple idea -- to create all natural products for the strengthening of emotional and energetic wellness on the path to Wholeness. Wellness. and Balance. 

The word CHI (pronounced ‘chee’) is the life force that impacts your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  Disturbances in your CHI can cause discomfort and impact the quality of our life. We become tired, stressed, experience anxiety, have poor sleep, become irritable, and so on. So much in life hinges on feeling better, being healthy, and having the right energy to move forward. All things have an energetic essence, including our feelings and emotions. It is this concept of energy that is the guiding principle of all products produced by CHI Essence.  

We specialize in using 100% natural and plant based ingredients to hand-craft products that are safe for the whole family. Each formulation is designed to find the most harmonious balance of energies to create products that will help the user on their path to emotional and energetic wellness. At the core of each of our products are essential oil blends created by maximizing the energetic construct of every essential oil, fresh plant, dried herb, and crystal that are included in the formulations . Based on years of studying energy work and various healing modalities, we are able to identify which Universal energies and stored crystal energies work best together and channel those energies into our products to reduce discomfort and improve quality of life. CHI Essence’s exclusive pairing of essential oils with crystals to craft each product offering, increases the energetic support you can get from products that no other company can boast.

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