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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils...

The all natural solution for 

Wholeness. Wellness. Balance.

All Natural. No synthetic ingredients.

Aromatherapy by Essence



Love Me All Over

Energy Essentials

Bath Time Essentials

Create Balance

Restore alignment and clear stagnant energy with these essential oil blends.

For Relaxation

Release anxiety and create an atmosphere of calm with these essential oil blends.

To Energize

Awaken and rejuvenate your senses and your system with these essential oil blends.

Embrace Support

Feel grounded, supported, and open to new possibilities with these essential oil blends.

I absolutely love the womb scrub and love me all over body sugar scrub. The Unwind roller is my go to when I need help to relax and go to sleep. The aura cleanse provides an immediate shift and is a must have in my spiritual hygiene toolkit!!! I am well pleased!!




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Yoga at Home


The scrubs are amazing! Your skin feels so soft when you get done. I like to use mine after a long stressful day or if I anticipate one because the smell is so relaxing and calming.


Using the Chi Aura Cleanse mist I realize all the stagnant or negative energy started to remove itself from around me , enhancing positive feelings and mindset.

Mary Helen

I was gifted CHI is Life Mist and I have to say that I absolutely love it! The mist has an awesome spiced citrus scent that is light and happy. I use it almost daily and I am grateful to have this in my self-care toolkit.

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